2022 Photo Gallery

Ramsey Lewis Image
Gloria Allred.
Ramsey Lewis Image
Ramsey Lewis Image
Ramsey Lewis Image

1. Tony Whitfield’s  “New York Hustle 911 Tribute” featuring The Jerry Hey🎺Horn Section.

2. Jerry Hey Horns – “Bio Info.”
Trumpet Artist Profile: Jerry Hey – Mouthpiece Online

3. Jerry Hey Horns – Michael Jackson – “Rock With You” ([Isolated Horns}

4. Jerry Hey Horns – Al Jarreau – “Love Is Waiting” (Transcription}

Tony Whitfield, created this huge milestone of an accomplishment, and I became the President of my own Recording Label entitled OASA Records. The term OASA is an Egyptian name that means... ‘One With Experience.’ Years ago, CBS Records approached Tony to sign to their Record Label however, Tony, chose to remain with his own recording label, OASA Records. “Giving back is a phenomenal feeling… Your blessings flow in abundance.” 

It has been a joy to contract out to Bias Recording Studios in Springfield, VA. Bias, has had many outstanding engineers like:

Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins, and the Owner, Mr. Bob Dawson.
Urban/Contemporary R&B — Bias Studios
Bias Studios

Gary Grant Valerio Sound Studio in Los Angeles, California (Grant Interview)

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