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New York Hustle  “Song Pedestals”

      Jarreau's Journey - 4:09
      New York Hustle 911 Tribute featuring Jerry Hey Horn Section - 4:04
      Pleasure Sensitive 2 - 4:07 Radio Spot - 0:49

Pleasure Sensitive 2
Music Meant to Last

Tony’s promotional tour in South Beach, Florida at the Royal Palm Hotel during the MTV Awards weekend, August 2004.Whitfield’s latest CD, “Pleasure Sensitive 2,”embraces a myriad of artistic stylings and musical compositions. From the R&B flavor of “Baby Come Home,” the upbeat melody of “Pleasure Sensitive 2,” featuring a captivating bass solo, to the romantic ambiance of “Jarreau’s Journey”, they all meld together in seamless harmony. As one listener stated, it’s “music you can listen to all day!”

Tony’s smooth jazz tunes entitled “42nd Street” and “Hold On” had been featured on Saturday mornings from 6 am – 8 am as background music during the Top 20 count down segment of DJ Arnold Smith’s show featured on WHUR 96.3 FM Howard University Radio – Washington, D.C.

Capture Tony’s song entitled “East Coast Swing” which is being featured on the Audrey Chapman Show on “WHUR 96.3 FM” Howard University Radio – Washington, D.C.,Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 10:00 am.

Purchase Pleasure Sensitive 2 from
Purchase Pleasure Sensitive 2 from CD

Tony’s promotional tour in South Beach, Florida at the Royal Palm Hotel during the MTV Awards weekend, August 2004.

Music Clips

      Pleasure Sensitive Intro - 409 kb
      Pleasure Sensitive - 434 kb
      42nd Street - 225 kb
      Baby Come Home - 377 kb
      Visions of Your Smile - 330 kb
      Jarreau's Journey - 645 kb
      Eastcoast Swing - 253 kb
      Mystic Wave - 316 kb
      Hold On - 387 kb
      Sneak - 320 kb
      DJ Arnold Smith's show WHUR FM Howard University Radio Washington DC - 320 kb

The rays of life and hope are truly “Pleasure Sensitive.”

Video Clip

New York Hustle

In 2002, I started writing, arranging & producing the “New York Hustle” taken from the original “Hustle” that was a Grammy Award Winning tune written by the late Van McCoy.

The “New York Hustle” is a positive gesture that will prove to be uplifting and heartwarming to people everywhere.

My heart has led me to dedicate my version of “New York Hustle” to the victims Post 9/11.

New York Hustle – Front Cover

New York Hustle – Back Cover

Jerry Hey is in the middle, Gary Grant is on the right.

      Listen to a Sample - Instrumental Version - 320 kb
      Listen to a Sample - Rap Version - 320 kb

Pleasure Sensitive

  • Pleasure Sensitive Intro
  • Pleasure Sensitive
  • 42nd Street
  • Baby Come Home
  • Visions Of Your Smile
  • Jarreau’s Journey
  • Eastcoast Swing
  • Mystic Ways
  • Hold On
  • Sneak


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